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General Info


  • Winner display (incorrect for some FFA)
  • Display replay owner
  • Display of all starting and basic parameters of players
  • Automatic detection of the actual race when choosing a random
  • Displays the number of game actions and the average APM
  • Observers display
  • Displays check sum and path of map
  • Map preview for replays with official maps
  • Automatic search for player profiles on different servers
    • The servers list is available by clicking on the button next to the player's name.
    • Allows automatically check the profile of players on selected game servers after selection of replay
    • You can manually enable the search for a specific player by clicking on the search button

    • The search on Netease is carried out on a locally loaded list, so the result for this server is displayed immediately
    • This setting is disabled by default in order not to load the operating system. You can enable the function in the settings
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