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  • View data at a specific point in time
  • Resize map
  • Turn off display of data on specific players or objects (the position of creeps, mines and shops)
  • Display information in several modes at same time
  • Change the color for a specific player by clicking on the square with the color


  • Point - displays all right mouse button clicks (attacks, movements, clicks on objects)

  • Area - displays the spreading of right mouse button clicks (attacks, movements, clicks on objects). Red - a lot of clicks. Blue - no clicks.

  • Creeping rout - displays the order of clicks on the points with creeps. This route does not always mean that the creeps were cleaned up, the player could simply click on the point of the creep location, but in fact it could not be reached.


  • White color of player start location means that program can't identify it correctly or there was no player on this location
  • Creeps layer displays all creeps locations without filtering by player start locations
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