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Maps Storage

A big database with maps. Allows to find a map to any of replays, provided that such a map is already loaded by someone on the server.

At the moment features that available are: upload maps to the server, search duplicates and corrupted files, delete files.

  • Select all folders with maps. Include subfolders if necessary. Folder in «Documents» is required and you can't remove it from folder list in program.

Edit files


  • Sort maps by name, hash, size and status
  • Open map in Windows Explorer
  • Delete map file from folder
  • Search duplicates - sort maps by Hash column to know duplicates count for each map
  • Search corrupted files - check File Status column
  • Summary statistic of maps by files status. There are tooltips for each colored rectangles

Upload to Server

To upload files to Server:

  1. Run auto upload process checking Activate option
  2. If you no need the program window, you can hide the program to the tray checking the Hide to tray option and then clicking on the close window button. If you do not check the option, then when you click on the button to close the window, the application will stop all processes and exit.
  3. Server status will be updated in table
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