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Game object Statistic


  • View data at a specific point in time
  • View count of ordered units, buildings and upgrades
  • View selected heroes and their skills
  • View purchased and used items
  • View count of different actions
  • View binds of units and buildings - available summary information and information at a specific point in time

  • When you hover the cursor on the object icon displays information about the time of creation of the object (order, build, create a bind)
  • Disabling the display of groups of objects or data for specific players

Limitations in calculating statistics:

  • Not counted
    • Tome of Retraining
    • starting 5 peons
    • starting main
    • hero reviving
    • dead units and heroes
    • destroyed or canceled buildings or upgrades
    • increase the level of the hero without choosing a new skill. If a player did not have time or did not want to choose a skill when he reaches a new level, then hero level will not be taken into account.
  • Count of units and heroes = count of clicks to train units or order heroes (revival of heroes is not taken into account, cancellation or loss of units are not taken into account)
  • Count of buildings = count of clicks to build buildings (cancellation or destruction is not taken into account)
  • Levels of upgrades = count of clicks to upgrade (cancellations are not counted, so the level can be higher than 3)
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