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  • Disable display of data for specific players
  • View observers data (useful for determining clicks on a mini-map during tournaments)
  • Display all player actions during the game
  • All actions are grouped for easy display.
  • You can drag the columns in the table to sort by player
  • Determining build-order and strategies
  • Filter data by text

  • Maphackers detection by red circles
    • Only selections of building objects are analyzed
    • Defined as Red Circle if:
      • player AFK and never selected and moved his unit, i.e. there are no identifiers or coordinates by which you can define an open area of ​​the map or an object's belonging to a particular player
      • the area of ​​the map with the object was opened while moving the unit from point A to point B, i.e. Clear click in the area of ​​the object was not
      • the selected object could not determine the coordinates which this object is located

· Последние изменения: 2019/07/07 00:24 — ladyrisa

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